Francois Bon’s Digitalized Fiction

C2B07A0A-EF48-4FFC-87DC-D936FB043CCFErika Fülöp, ‘LIMITE Unbound: François Bon’s Digitalized Fiction and the Reinvention of the Book’, Journal of Romance Studies, 16.1 (2016), pp.62-90

Since 2005, François Bon, who began his literary career in the 1980s as a novelist, has gradually shifted the focus of his work onto his now all encompassing web-based literary and multimedia oeuvre, As part of this transition from paper to web, Bon returned to his printed books to showcase them digitally. Most notably, in 2010 he undertook to retype his second novel, Limite (1985), to publish it in the form of a blog, prefacing each passage with an autobiographical and critical commentary. Once completed, he reedited the full commented text as an e-book. This article argues that even though all three versions have the same narrative at their core, each stage of this project offers something different to the reader and suggests a different focus and conception of literature. Together they illustrate that the shifts between media change the reading experience even without exploiting much of the potential for hyperlinking and interactivity, and that before and beyond all the possible narrative experiments it enables, the digital transition means for literature a move away from the logic of the book towards the ‘logic of the project’.


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