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A growing bank of materials for anyone interested in authorship.

1. View our growing collaborative authorship project as it develops:

2. View the bibliography on fame, celebrity and literary celebrity emerging from papers given at our events.

3.  For those interested in collaborative authorship in the academy, click here to view the open access book Open Education: A Study in Disruption. Co-authored by Coventry University’s Open Media Group and Mute Publishing as a critical experiment with both collaborative, processual writing and concise, medium-length forms of attention, Open Education: A Study in Disruption, explores the disruption of the traditional university as a result of the increasingly widespread provision of free online open education. Thanks to Gary Hall for this.

4. For those interested in academic authorship in the digital age, Gary Hall has generously provided links to the following articles: ‘Copyfight‘, in Critical Keywords for the Digital Humanities and ‘On the unbound book: academic publishing in the age of the infinite archive‘.

 If you are interested in the question of academic authorship, you might want to watch Rebecca Braun’s interview with Timothy Brennan HERE. Tim spoke at our November 2014 conference on Literary Authority in an Age of the General Author and in the video he reflects on the role of the public intellectual, critical authority and translation.








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