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  • Creative Futures

    Creative Futures

    How might we make use of a range of creative practices to think about different kinds of world and different worlds? How might these help us think differently about authorship? Find […]

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  • Residencies


    We work with writers and translators who operate within and across a range of languages. You can find out more by clicking on the ‘residencies’ tab in the menu bar […]

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  • About

    Who We Are ‘The Author and the World’ is an AHRC-funded collaboration between researchers in the departments of European Languages & Culture, English & Creative Writing, Linguistics, History and LICA […]

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  • Contemporary Critical Performances of the Authorial Role

    Contemporary Critical Performances of the Authorial Role

    How have new media technologies and the enhanced reproduction of visual and aural performances that they facilitate affected the contemporary practice of authorship? Our interactive research event is conceived as […]

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  • Embodying Literary Celebrity in Multiple Media

    Embodying Literary Celebrity in Multiple Media

        How have authors – as opposed to their works – been canonized or otherwise written into the cultural fabric of society from the late eighteenth century to today? […]

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  • What is literary celebrity?

    What is literary celebrity?

    Is celebrity a 20th and 21st century phenomenon? How can it apply to literature? Tom Mole, author of Byron’s Romantic Celebrity: Industrial Culture and the Hermeneutic of Intimacy, talking to Rebecca Braun […]

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  • News: Our first event

    Our first event for 2014 will be “From the Textual to the Visual: Changing practices of embodying literary celebrity in the long 19th century”. Seminar 18 September 2014 Keynote: Andrew […]

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  • Publications

    Find out what we have produced so far and where to read it. Recent postings include a special issue of Seminar on World Authorship and German Literature; a photo book of […]

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  • Events


    Languages INTER Networks Lancaster University, 20-22 June 2019 Call for Papers ‘We nooses tous des bastardi elettronici che usano lingue globali’ Ours Lingages. The internet is my language mother. I speak with a […]

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