Canan Marasligil

E051E4FB-5671-4955-A778-EDCF6A7A3879Canan Marasligil is a feminist writer, literary translator, editor, podcaster and curator based in Amsterdam. She holds a residency with us for March 2018, where she will be working with students in the Department of Languages & Cultures as well as contributing to our symposium on Digital Authorship. Her interest is in challenging official narratives and advocating freedom of expression through a wide range of creative projects and activities, from literature to film and comics. She is the creator of City in Translation, a project exploring languages and translation in urban spaces, and a co-host of the Not Loud Enough podcast, with migrationlab founder Laura M Pana. Canan has worked with cultural organisations across wider Europe and has participated in residencies at the Free Word Centre in London (2013), at WAAW in Senegal (2015), at Copenhagen University (2015), at La Contre Allée in Lille (2017).


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