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  • Burgtheater


    Elfriede Jelineks Burgtheater : nicht/nur für Österreich? This essay by Allyson Fiddler investigates why Jelinek’s controversial play ‘Burgtheater’ (first published 1982) has been staged only once – and very belatedly – […]

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  • Pacing out a Polyglot Poetics

    Pacing out a Polyglot Poetics

    To what extent is reading a book like walking into a museum? In this conversation, held in early 2017 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Rebecca Braun and Ulrike […]

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  • Literary Celebrity

    Literary Celebrity

    Literary Celebrity‘, special issue of Celebrity Studies 7.4 (2016), ed. Rebecca Braun & Emily Spiers Read some of the outcomes from our pilot series of events on literary celebrity, 2014-15. […]

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  • Being Günter Grass

    Being Günter Grass

    This chapter by Rebecca Braun looks at the British reception of Günter Grass specifically as the author of The Tin Drum, with an emphasis on the final 25 years of […]

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  • Francois Bon’s Digitalized Fiction

    Francois Bon’s Digitalized Fiction

    Erika Fülöp, ‘LIMITE Unbound: François Bon’s Digitalized Fiction and the Reinvention of the Book’, Journal of Romance Studies, 16.1 (2016), pp.62-90 Since 2005, François Bon, who began his literary career in […]

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  • Performing the ‘quing’ of Berlin

    Performing the ‘quing’ of Berlin

    This paper by Emily Spiers employs the figure of the “interface” to explore the work of German feminist rapper and spoken-word performer Sookee (Nora Hantzsch), who constitutes an ideal case-study for examining […]

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  • World Authorship

    World Authorship

    ‘World Authorship‘, special issue of Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies 51.2 (2015), ed. Rebecca Braun & Andrew Piper Read some of our early thinking around the concept of world authorship. […]

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  • “Making It” as an Author in the UK

    “Making It” as an Author in the UK

    Click here to see a PDF photo book of our inaugural public event, ‘”Making It” as an Author in the UK’, held at the Lancaster House Hotel on 19th September […]

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