We are delighted to work with a range of writers and translators within and across a range of languages. You can read more about our collaborations here

  • Canan Marasligil

    Canan Marasligil

    Canan Marasligil is a feminist writer, literary translator, editor, podcaster and curator based in Amsterdam. She holds a residency with us for March 2018, where she will be working with students […]

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  • Roman Ehrlich

    Roman Ehrlich

    The critically acclaimed writer Roman Ehrlich is certainly one of the most unconventional and interesting voices among young contemporary writers in Germany and Authors & the World is happy to welcome him […]

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  • Francois Bon

    Francois Bon

    French author François Bon begins his one-week residency at the Department of Languages & Cultures and the Authors and the World research hub on 24thOctober 2016. The author of numerous […]

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  • Carmen Francesca Banciu

    Carmen Francesca Banciu

    An Audience with Carmen-Francesca Banciu Bowland Nth Seminar Room 02, Lancaster University Wednesday 16th November 2016 17.15 At an event funded by the Department of Languages and Cultures, German-Romanian author […]

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  • Frank Wynne

    Frank Wynne

    Frank Wynne spent three weeks in March 2016 at the Department of European Languages and Cultures at Lancaster as translator-in-residence. As part of his stay, he worked alongside our MA students […]

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  • Ulrike Draesner

    Ulrike Draesner

    German author Ulrike Draesner returned to Lancaster University from 17th–20th February as Writer-in-Residence, whilst teaching students on the topic of Translation as a Cultural Practice. Ulrike Draesner has won multiple awards across […]

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  • Ulrike Almut Sandig poetry performance in Lancaster 2 March 2015

    Ulrike Almut Sandig poetry performance in Lancaster 2 March 2015

    Acclaimed German poet Ulrike Sandig and Professor of German Karen Leeder will be coming to Lancaster University on 2 March 2015. A translation master-class with final-year students of German will […]

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