CfP: “The Space in Between: Thinking Translation in Creation”

“The Space in Between: Thinking Translation in Creation”
Study Day and Workshop
29th-30th of June 2017

What happens when artists and writers experiment with translation in their works? What happens when the processes of translation and untranslatability are reflected on visually or artistically? Many multilingual writers use translation, either consciously and unconsciously, in their artistic manipulation of language. Other artists such as Jean-Luc Godard have used translation as a way to critique the cultural hegemonies of their context of production, or in the case of Hans Arp, as visual portraits of their relationship to languages. This colloquium invites researchers, creative writers and artists to reflect on the role of translation in theirs and others’ creative practices. The event will consist of a study day followed by a workshop led by OUTRANSPO.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:  Dr. Simon Coffey (King’s College London) and OUTRANSPO (

Please send abstracts and titles to: by the tenth of April 2017.


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